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Hi, I’m Trevor

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ve lived in the northern Colorado area for almost all my life. I love it here. However, for just a sliver in my life, I had traveled outside of Colorado. Outside of the continental United States. I was 21 and had an unsettling urge to completely flip my life upside down. I donated everything I owned and bought a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico. I volunteered there at a small hostel for 3 months, then decided to buy another oneway ticket to Colombia, South America. During my 8 months of nomadic, adventure-filled, traveling, I discovered my desire to help people with one of my best technical abilities- building websites. I filled my time building websites for small businesses, artists, and surf schools. I was thriving. Fast forward two years, and here I am living a humble Fort Collins  lifestyle. I ride my bike everywhere I go. I enjoy craft ales and sitting outside at a local brewery. I fill my weekends building out my custom conversion van or hiking in the rocky mountains. An now, I’m hoping I can take my technical abilities of building websites I learned while traveling, and bring them here to the lovely town of Fort Collins.

I Build AWESOME Websites

From E-commerce solutions to a simple online presence. I give your business an edge by presenting a modern, responsive, and Integrated website for your customers to indulge in your brand.



When we look at a website on the internet, no matter what, we feel something. I believe that feeling can be heightened through the use of modern fonts, stylish colors, smooth animations, and thoughtful design. I stylize your custom website to match your business and make your customers say, “Oooh, that’s nice.”


Your customers will be able to view your website from any device. Whether it’s on the 17” screen of a Tesla Model S, or the 5.1” screen of a 7-year-old Samsung Galaxy s5. I guarantee your website will respond to the numerous devices your customers use every day.


With over 4 years in IT systems and a Degree in Computer Information systems, I specialize in bringing the systems of your business to the customers you value. From booking agents to payment solutions, I embed secure and seamless integrations that your customers can trust.

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